Keith Gill Net Worth: How Much is ‘Roaring Kitty’ Really Worth?

From Relative Obscurity to Financial Fame

Keith Gill, known as “DeepF***ingValue” on Reddit and “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube, gained fame during the 2021 GameStop stock surge. Here we are to discuss Keith Gill Net Worth. A financial analyst from Brockton, Massachusetts, Gill’s early investment in GameStop paid off massively as the stock soared to over $53000 per share, boosting his net worth to an estimated $50 million (January 28, 2021) at its peak.

Gill’s detailed analysis and engaging online presence made him a key figure in the retail investor movement, demonstrating the power of collective action in the stock market. His story has influenced debates on market regulations and the role of social media in trading, solidifying his legacy as a pivotal figure in the democratization of finance.

Early Life and Career

Born on June 8, 1986, in Brockton, Massachusetts, Keith Patrick Gill demonstrated an early interest in finance and investments. Gill had two siblings, a sister who died and one brother. He graduated from Stonehill College in 2009 with an accounting and business management degree. Gill was a player of Athlete of the Year in 2008 by the US Track & Cross Country Coaches Association.

Gill won a 1000-meter race at the New England Championship with a time of 2:24.73. He recorded a best personal time of 4:03 in the mile of that year. Before his rise to fame, Gill worked as a chartered financial analyst and held various roles in financial advisory services, including a position at MassMutual. He was known for involvement and GameStop short-squeeze.

The GameStop Phenomenon

Gill began posting about GameStop (GME) on Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets forum in 2019, sharing his analysis and expressing his belief that the stock was undervalued. His YouTube channel, “Roaring Kitty,” further detailed his investment thesis, blending thorough financial analysis with an engaging and entertaining presentation style. Gill’s conviction in GameStop’s potential, coupled with his transparency and accessibility, garnered a substantial following.

Financial Impact and Net Worth

Keith Gill’s early investments in GameStop, when the stock was trading at mere single digits, paid off massively during the stock’s meteoric rise in January 2021. At its peak, GameStop’s stock price soared to over $480 per share, leading to significant gains for Gill and other retail investors who followed his lead.

While the exact figures of Gill’s net worth fluctuate due to the stock market’s volatility, estimates during the peak of the GameStop rally suggested that his holdings were worth around $50 million. This figure encompasses his substantial gains from GameStop as well as his diversified portfolio.

Legacy and Influence

Keith Gill’s impact extends beyond his financial gains. He’s become a symbol of the retail investor revolution, showcasing the collective power and influence individual investors hold over the market. His story has sparked widespread debate about market regulations, the role of social media in trading, and the ethical considerations of investing.

Post-GameStop Era

Since the GameStop phenomenon, Gill has faced both acclaim and scrutiny. In February 2021, he spoke before the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services, defending his actions and stressing his sincere faith in GameStop’s worth.

Despite the legal and regulatory challenges that followed, Gill’s reputation as a savvy and principled investor remains intact. On 4th Feb 2021, there was announced William Galvin Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. On May 12, 2024, Gill made a return to social media by posting a series of nonspecific mems. Click here for  Keith Gill Net Worth.


Keith Gill went from unknown analyst to millionaire, showcasing modern investing’s transformative power in just a few steps. Through his analytical prowess and adept use of social media, Gill not only amassed considerable wealth but also reshaped the retail investing landscape. As financial markets continue to evolve, Gill’s journey underscores the democratization of finance and the profound influence individual investors wield on Wall Street.

Gill’s rise exemplifies the power of conviction, the influence of social media, and the shifting dynamics between retail investors and institutions. His financial acumen and strategic insights have earned him a considerable fortune and left a lasting mark on the investing world.

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