Amanda Renner Husband: Everything You Need to Know About Bryn Renner


This article delves into the life of Amanda Renner husband, Bryn Renner, detailing his background, early life, college career at the University of North Carolina, professional journey in the NFL, and his transition into coaching. The article also explores the relationship between Amanda and Bryn, highlighting their mutual interests, shared passion for sports, and strong partnership. It provides insights into their personal life, showcasing how they support each other professionally and enjoy various activities together. The piece comprehensively depicts the dynamic and inspiring couple, illustrating their balance of successful careers and a loving relationship.

Who is Bryn Renner?

Bryn Renner is a former American football quarterback who played college football at the University of North Carolina (UNC). Born on January 22, 1990, in West Springfield, Virginia, Bryn showed early promise in football, a passion that would shape his future career.


Bryn Renner’s Football CareerBryn Renner's Football Career

College Career

Bryn Renner’s college career at UNC was marked by impressive performances and record-setting achievements. He played as the starting quarterback for the Tar Heels from 2011 to 2013. During his tenure, he set several school records, including the highest single-season completion percentage and most touchdown passes in a game. Renner’s leadership and skill on the field made him one of the standout quarterbacks in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).


Professional Career

After college, Bryn Renner entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2014. He signed with the Denver Broncos but was released before the start of the regular season. Renner went on to spend time with several NFL teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, and San Diego Chargers, primarily as a practice squad member.


Coaching Career

Post his playing days, Bryn transitioned into coaching, leveraging his on-field experience to mentor young quarterbacks. He has held various coaching positions, including roles at FIU (Florida International University) and most recently as the quarterbacks coach for the Detroit Lions.


Amanda and Bryn Renner: Their RelationshipAmanda Renner's husband

Amanda and Bryn Renner’s love story is one of mutual respect and shared passion for sports. The couple first connected through mutual friends and quickly bonded over their similar career paths and interests. They announced their engagement in March 2021 and got married in March 2022.


A Strong Partnership

Amanda and Bryn’s relationship is built on a foundation of support and understanding. Amanda, who regularly travels for her job covering major sporting events, often shares glimpses of their life together on social media, highlighting their strong bond and the fun moments they share.


Shared Interests

Both Amanda and Bryn share a deep love for sports, which is evident in their professional lives. This common ground not only strengthens their relationship but also allows them to support each other’s careers effectively. Amanda’s role at CBS Sports and Bryn’s coaching career means that they both understand the demands and challenges of working in the sports industry.


Life Beyond SportsAmanda Renner's husband

Outside of their professional lives, Amanda and Bryn enjoy various activities together. They are both avid animal lovers and often share pictures with their pets. The couple also enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and experiencing different cultures. Click here if you want to read Amanda Renner husband.



Amanda Renner and Bryn Renner make a dynamic and inspiring couple, each excelling in their respective fields while supporting and uplifting each other. Bryn’s journey from a promising college quarterback to an NFL player and now a coach demonstrates his resilience and passion for the game. Together with Amanda, they form a partnership that resonates with many fans and followers, showcasing the balance of a successful professional and personal life.

As Amanda continues to shine in the sports broadcasting world and Bryn makes his mark in coaching, their story serves as a testament to the power of shared passions and unwavering support in a relationship.

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